April meeting

Stones, paint, creativity and fun were the order of the day at the meeting of Carnoustie Social-Eyes on Tuesday 2 April, when Emma from Carnoustie Rocks visited the group.

To celebrate the group’s tenth birthday in May, Emma has designed a tactile stone with the Carnoustie Social-Eyes logo painted in yellow and black.

Members were given the opportunity to paint stones with their own designs, which included a chicken, lighthouse, polka dot egg, wool and knitting needles and a flowery fish.

Emma set up Carnoustie Rocks in 2017, the concept being to paint rocks and place them outside for others to find. Once found, people can either keep the rock, hide it again for someone else to find, or replace it with their own painted rock.
Emma asks that anyone finding the painted rocks share a photo on the Carnoustie Rocks Facebook page or Twitter account, and for those creating their own rocks to use #Carnoustie Rocks on the reverse so anyone finding them knows who to contact.

At the next meeting of Social-Eyes on Tuesday 7 May, Constable Nikki Harrison, Community Policing, will visit the group. Members will also discuss their favourite book, film or television programme.
New members are always welcome.