Angus Society for the Blind

Angus Society for the Blind took over the function of the charity previously known as Forfarshire Society for the Blind. However whereas the Forfarshire Society had for many years provided all statutory services for the blind and partially-sighted people in Angus this function is now carried out by Angus Social Work and Health Department. (People requiring assistance should contact the Access Office of Angus Council asking to be put in touch with the Rehabilitation Officer, or speak to the worker already allocated to them.)

Angus Society for the Blind continues to support the statutory service by paying for players for Talking Books, providing monies to pay for essential aids and to subsidise the cost of adapted aids, computers, software etc. The Society will also give grants to meet extra costs caused by blindness, e.g. for holiday costs or support for families where blindness of a parent or child can cause extra difficulties.

The official contact of the Society is:

c/o Mrs Alison Scothern
Secretary & Treasurer
1 Cotton of Colliston
DD11 3RR